Sunday, August 16, 2009

sahastra naam

Lord Shiva is legend of compassion and is all merciful lord, Great donor on the subject of life. Lord Shiva is disinterested friend to help the one in need all the way. Lord is one but known though varying features which support the acts of lord.

Shiv sahastra naam is the boat to cross over the ocean of high tides with all ease.

The first ever uttered sahastra naam were those by Sri Krishna in dwaper. Lord Sri Hari Vishnu uttered sahastra naam to attain the wisdom of truth. Aspirant of spiritual wisdom could pave the way for ultimate glory of life by chanting the name of shiv sahastra naam.

Shiv sahastra naam is the very rout of peace and bliss in life. Success in true motives of life could also be attained by this unique divine feature for life. Glory of shiv sahastra naam is infinite, those sink in the world of ignorance may feel puzzled but pious one enjoy the whip their in.

Shiv sahastra naam is Bestower of wishes for devotees.

In tough mode of planets in transit to specific one helps a lot, this great shiv sahastra naam.

May lord bless all

Thanks please.